2020 has been a crazy hectic year, with a lot of exciting things and projects happening that we cannot yet share with you. But what we can share is that we moved to a brandnew location! With now an expanded space of 300 square meters, we can take on any scale project, big or small.

Best make-up nomination BIFA!!!

Ending this year with a bang! Rogier got nominated for best make-up for a British Independant Film Award for the movie Dirty God together with collegues Morten Jacobson and Lindelotte van der Meer.

Rogier @ the Oscars!

With Border being nominated for an Oscar for best make-up, it was time to go to LA! Here with nominees Göran Lundström and Pamela Goldammer.

Rogier live at radio 3FM

Sundaynight January 27th Rogier was live at radio station 3FM with DJ Joram Kaat in his show “Kaat tot laat”. He talks about his work as a special make-up artist. Click on the link below to listen to the interview. Sorry but it is in Dutch!

Interview Rogier 3FM

Border/ Gräns nominated for Oscar best Make-up!

The Swedish movie Gräns/ Border, is nominated for an Oscar for best make-up! Huge congratulations to Make-up designer Göran Lundström and on set supervisor Pamela Goldammer!!! I had the privilege of applying the male troll makeup assisted by Inga Ross.

GRÄNS going to Oscar Bake-off!

Swedish movie Gräns is an official contender for the nominations for the Oscars for best make-up! Swedish collegue Göran Lundström manufactured the prosthetics for the two troll characters. Rogier applied the male character on set.

Dirty God at Sundance

“Dirty God” from director Sacha Polak, starring Vicky Knight is the first ever dutch feature to enter the Sundance filmcompetition! Called late in the game, the already manufactured prosthetics (by danish collegue Morten Jacobson) were applied by Rogier for the duration of the movie in the UK, the Netherlands and Marrakech.